Values and Culture

We want Manthra community to feel confident and passionate with their work and environment. We want our people to have burning desire, belief in their ability to meet the challenges, feel proud of working for Manthra and their contribution to our success.

We Believe Every Employee
•  Has unique skills and knowledge and be accountable for their work, take initiatives for growth of the organization
•  Has potential to improve his talent, own responsibility for his/her own growth and grow into a confident leader
•  Respects customers irrespective of company size, nature of business, nature and size of project
•  Respects client staff, colleagues and management irrespective of their race, religion, sex, colour, nationality and    skills
•  Inspires team members through innovative management approach

We Expect Management Staff
•  Our management style is one of teamwork, openness, support for colleagues, creating enthusiasm, and focusing on     success through sharing of business information.
•  Our people philosophy is based on participative employee development, controlled risk taking to achieve each     individual’s potential.
•  Our ownership structure is one of broad-based sharing of equity to achieve continuity of the business through internal    ownership.

Diversity And Inclusion
•  Manthra Software Services is committed to equality of opportunity, fairness, work and lifestyle, mutual respect and     dignity at work for all associates.
•  Promoting equality of opportunity for all staff irrespective of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation and faith     creates business benefits.
•  Inclusion establishes and reinforces behavioural standards that foster a collaborative culture and work environment,     which will enable individuals and groups to contribute to their fullest potential.

Diversity and Inclusion adds value to our company, our employees, our customers, our associates, our shareholders, our suppliers and the communities in which we live and work.