Requirement Audit

Requirements are the blueprint and foundational document of every software project. They determine functionality, behaviour and ultimate metrics for success. Yet most organizations don’t invest enough resources, not enough time and effort is spent translating business objectives into comprehensive and detailed business requirements.

As per the studies done by experts like James Martin, majority of the defects root cause are traced to poor requirements. This is evident from the fact that more than 50% of defects are due to poor requirements and effort of correcting the requirement defects contribute more than 80% of overall defect correction(rework) effort. Further studies reveal that cost of every requirement defect detected and rectified in later phases of development life cycle increases exponentially.

Cause of poor requirements may be due to any or combination of the following - requirement is incomplete, inconsistent and/or contain redundancy, complexity of requirement(s), requirements may not convey the actual intent of the stakeholder, missing or improper linkage information between requirements, exclusion of non-functional requirements, such as quality attributes, performance goals, constraints, external interface requirements and missing requirements. The cause of poor requirement affects functional and technical design document creating gaps between the documents.

Manthrasoft Requirement Audit is a solution that would best address your poor requirements, identify gaps between the documents - business requirements, functional design and technical design. Our proven structured process and methodology ensure defects are detected, work with the respective stakeholders to rectify the defects in the early phases of the development life cycles.

Benefits from our Requirement Audit

•  Capture and rectify defects early, control the complexity of requirements and prevent requirements errors from propagating downstream
•  Comprehensive requirement, balance requirements, functional and technical information and ensure a quality application is produced
•  Mitigate risk of overrunning schedules and costs
•  Your solutions can be launched to market as per your plans

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