Performance Testing

Business is highly concerned with speed, scalability and stability of the application for managing significant business risks. Performance Testing proactively determines the speed, scalability, stability, capacity & degradation of existing systems with various loads / configurations under controlled & uncontrolled environments.

Performance testing is afterthought and sometimes performed during or after system Integration testing phase or UAT phase of the life cycle, this may lead to delay launch of application as performance tuning involves considerable time and effort. However to gain significant value to the project, it is ideal to plan and execute performance testing alongside with test types like Unit Test, Integration Test, System Integration Test and UAT as each test type exercises functionality they ignore the performance. Planning performance test provides early indication of performance for identified units and integration points, it also provides sufficient time to address them.

Unlike functional testing, performance testing activities cannot be shaped into a “one-size-fits-all” or even a “one-size-fits-most” approach. Projects, environments, business drivers, acceptance criteria, technologies, timelines and tools simply make any notion of a common, universal approach unrealistic.. Proactive tasks coupled with our experience in performance testing would be advantageous in dealing with the business risk associated with your projects

                                              Performance Testing Services and Methodology

Our performance testing team has experience across various industries, we have developed a robust methodology and a set of best practices to help deliver applications that can scale to meet the current as well as future performance requirements.

We work with your IT and business teams to plan for the environment similar to production, define, develop and test meaningful business workload scenarios that come as close as possible to an actual day in the life of the application. Our team would work with relevant stakeholders to collect performance monitoring data, conduct root-cause analysis, identify performance bottlenecks and report to project stakeholders.

Benefits from our Performance testing

•  Our well defined methodology and process covers end-to-end performance testing
•  Detailed analysis of performance execution, identifying bottlenecks and provide recommendations
•  Our team of performance testing consultants have extensive experience of designing and implementing complex     performance testing solutions

For more details on our performance testing services, please contact us at all enquiries will be attended in 2 working days.