Healthcare Testing

Health care industry plays an important part in the economy and contributes significantly to GDP of any country. New inventions and changing technology trends have made health care industry to catch up with the other leading industries of the world. The increase demand in healthcare can be attributed to - Research & innovation, increasing healthcare costs, population growth, surge in aging population and technology adoption. Over and above this, there are changing expectations as patients and individuals want more control and empowerment over their health management.

Patient privacy concerns(regulated by PHIPA, HIPAA), growing patient waiting lists- adding pressure to complete tasks faster and with ease, electronic document management, application interoperability with other medical systems/equipments, also the unique health care process of hospitals which are highly collaborative and asynchronous - success or failure of a healthcare application is often tied to the accuracy of the business process models, mandates healthcare application to be subjected to extensive and complete testing.

The healthcare industry presents a set of unique software testing challenges that require domain expertise, foresight and specialized knowledge. This in turn makes the test engineers face with multiple challenges while testing the healthcare software to ensure highest quality.

As your software testing partner, at Manthrasoft we offer complete range of testing suitable to the healthcare industry.

•  Test Process Consulting•  Data Analytics Test
•  Requirement Auditing •  Exploratory Test
•  Unit Test •  UAT (User Acceptance Test)
•  Integration Test •  ORT (Operation Readiness Test)
•  System Integration Test•  Functional Automation Test
•  Application Security Test•  Performance Test

Benefits to your business

•   Business users are assured extensive and in-depth test coverage of the business process and functionalities
•   Applications is defect-free and paving way for uninterrupted functioning of operations
•   Performance level to your patients is optimized.

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