Banking Testing

Core banking system(CBS) is the backbone of modern financial service organizations which are going global breaking domestic barriers. Array of systems or core banking system, ultimate aim of banks is to beat competition and provide banking customers with the right products, available all times, through multiple channels-multi location, multi branch network, web, ATM and Kiosk.

As banks begin to expand rapidly and customer demands for operating accounts from any corner is gaining momentum, the need to integrate IT systems of new branches and subsidiary banks into the CBS is becoming critical. Banks are constantly looking to cost effectively upgrade their CBS to make them more customer-centric, interoperable and scalable.

CBS are critical to the competitiveness of large banks, owing to their sheer size, wide range of their product/sub products and service offerings to its consumers, multi-tier functionality to support huge consumer base, integration with numerous application, high volume of transactions they facilitate, number of transactions per second, complex business workflow, real-time/batch processing and number of supported channels. Initial and on-going testing becomes mandatory to ensure these critical systems are of high quality both in terms of its functionality and performance.

Manthra Software Services with techno-functional team have record experience in testing banking applications interfacing / integration with plethora of upstream and downstream applications Our end-to end solution covers functional services of the financial products required by varied targeted customer categories, application migration, data conversion, performance, application security and supports phased and big bang approach

Our testing for banking covers complete functionally and technically for smooth functioning of banking operations

•  Requirement Auditing •  Exploratory Testing
•  Unit Test •  UAT (User Acceptance Test)
•  Integration Test •  ORT (Operation Readiness Test)
•  System Integration Test •  Functional Automation Test
•  Application Security Test •  Performance Test

Benefits to your business

•  Extensive test coverage of all business functionalities and application functions using pre-defined functions inventory
•  Comprehensive set of ready-made reusable test scenarios reviewed by industry experts
•  Proactively resolve business process issues before end users experience them
•  Single testing vendor to co-ordinate end-to-end testing of your applications

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