Data Warehouse Testing

Most of the organization run their businesses and gain competitive edge on the basis of collection of data, review historical trends and monitor real-time functional data for strategic decision- making, data warehouse serves the purpose. Strategic decisions leads to organization survival, maximized profits, better decisions and customer satisfaction. Data residing in enterprise data warehouse must be accurate. As such data warehouse testing is of significant importance to all organization hosting data warehouse

Unlike transaction systems in data warehouse, most of the action takes place at back-end and mostly batch jobs, front end is use for analyzing and reporting. Data warehouse data quality testing' and ETL(Extract, Transformation and Loading) testing is done by running separate stand-alone scripts

Data Warehouse has typically large test data with maximum possible combination and permutations of dimensions and facts. The permutations and combinations one can possibly test is virtually unlimited due to the core objective of Data Warehouse is to allow all possible views of data, hence it is difficult to fully test a data warehouse

Moreover, evolving needs of the business and changes in the source systems will drive continuous change in the data warehouse schema and data being loaded. Hence, it is necessary that development and testing processes are clearly defined and regression test suite is maintained. Ideally, regression test suite should be automated and maintained to achieve higher testing efficiency.

Key challenges of Data Warehouse testing

•  Multiple source systems with different objectives, understanding the business goals
•  High volumes and complexity of data
•  Many repeated and unwanted fields in the data warehouse created over period of time and repeated fields have different rules
•  Accurately preparing the test data for all possible permutation and combination

Manthrasoft, migration testing services help clients, across domains, in transitioning to newer solutions and enable them to cater to the growing/changing needs of their business

Benefits from our Migration Testing

•  Clear end-to-end process covering pre and post migration testing activities
•  Ensures all the data integrity issues like – data conversions, truncations, business rules application to data are    addressed
•  Verification of consolidated reports from source and targets to confirm correctness of business data
•  Validate the business flows in the application and ensure compliance to business requirements.

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