Test Maintenance

Changes to the application are made due to several factors like new requirements, modification to existing requirements, bug-fixes, performance improvements, removing functionality; All development assets(like documents, source code etc) needs synchronization with application, so are test assets(test scripts, test data, automation scripts, documents etc). Reusing the development components(assets) would save enormous time whilst development from ground zero, the same logic applies to test assets. In other words, test maintenance delivers savings, reduces deployment risks and improves testing effort & efficiency.

Test maintenance is as important and should be part of application maintenance. Studies indicate every year on an average, 20-25% of an application is modified to meet business demands. Initial test effort to create test assets may range 40-50% (including test automation) of the overall development costs. Test maintenance justifies the investment made for test asset creation.

Development assets like requirement documents, source code without a formal change management, will get out of control, so will the test assets. Formal change management synchronizing development and testing combined helps to maintain application assets through its shelf life. However, process and procedures are required to maintain test assets as with development assets. Key by-product of test maintenance process provides improved efficiency in impact analysis and identification of right test assets for modification.

Test maintenance process/methodology also ensures test assets like test scripts, test data, automation scripts, test environment, test tools and other related information are centralized, controlled and managed in a way that it stays in synch with the application.

As part of our Test Maintenance, we provide the following maintenance and support services in Software Testing:

•  Review current test methodology and practices
•  Recommendation for improvements to current test methodology
•  Find & Fix gaps between the current test assets version and application version
•  Review gaps(if any) in test environment and co-ordinate with respective teams to fix gaps in test environment
•  Modify test assets(Manual test scripts/data, automation scripts/data, performance test scripts/data etc) as per new    requirements
•  Review open defects of previous testing cycles, coordinate to fix and test the defects to closure
•  Production Bug Analysis, update test assets and recommendations for improvements

Our Service Value

Organizations a vast majority of them outsource application maintenance to specialized third-party vendors to focus on core business, test maintenance would follow application maintenance path. Survey by SQS™(Software Quality Systems) on future usage of near shore/offshore testing centres is an indication of software testing out sourcing trend. Our core business and competency in software testing would be of significant value to organizations looking forward to outsource test maintenance.

As an outsourced testing service partner, we bring domain knowledge, best testing practices and processes to manage/maintain your test assets. We provide on-site resources along with management expertise to completely mange end-to-end testing activities with regular reporting to your management.

For details on our test maintenance service, contact us at services@manthrasoft.com, we will respond to you in 2 working days