Migration Testing

Migration takes place due to various reasons, change in technology of application, change of database or Operating system change and change of hardware. Migrations of applications are generally done as existing applications often contain business critical functionalities and data, which are worthwhile to migrate. Damage is substantial when faults are present in the system after the migration: the risks are large. The risks are higher with huge volumes of data. These risks can be covered preventatively by high quality process and methodology for both migration and testing.

Migrations may impact either functionality or performance of the application or both. Functionality may be affected due to the data mapping rules and pre/post conversion rules. Since most of the conversion programs are batch programs, conversion programs may end-up running for hours(and may even break before completion). It is highly recommended to prepare the converted data in a very early phase, as it serves as one of the key component for migration testing.

Migration is generally a onetime activity, it involves enormous effort and most times on critical path. Application can go-live only with successful migration, hence a crucial part of project. Migration testing should be clearly planned mainly due to - large volumes of data, time taken by conversion programs, availability of the required hardware, number of times migration scripts to be executed(if any failures), data cleansing activities, consolidation and verification of reports etc. Most of the migration testing activities would be manual due to the nature of migration tasks and also since it is one time activity(meaning migration is not required after successful go-live or launch).

Manthrasoft, migration testing services help clients, across domains, in transitioning to newer solutions and enable them to cater to the growing/changing needs of their business

Benefits from our Migration Testing

•  Clear end-to-end process covering pre and post migration testing activities
•  Ensures all the data integrity issues like – data conversions, truncations, business rules application to data are    addressed
•  Verification of consolidated reports from source and targets to confirm correctness of business data
•  Validate the business flows in the application and ensure compliance to business requirements.

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