Functional Testing

The purpose of functionality testing is to validate application behaviour conforms to documented specifications, performs as per stated business requirements with no defects. Functional testing can be applied at any level of granularity where some form of specification is available, from individual units to overall system testing, while the business objectives(apart from other factors) drive the level of granularity and the type of testing.

Business requirements had been and continue to be domain focused. Strong domain expertise is mandatory to ensure quality of testing, achieve optimum level of coverage and thereby reduce the business risk.

Functional testing, ideally effective when modified and run iteratively in synch with application changes. With maturity in your IT services you are well aware, production related bugs can be more expensive compared to detection of bugs in early phase of software development life cycle. Alternatively, fully or semi-automated testing would be cost-effective and yet achieve your testing goals and objectives.

Based on our practical experience we recommend to commence functional testing (software testing life cycle) from requirement phase of the software development cycle along with requirement audit to get the best benefits from testing.

Our services offerings in functional testing,

•  Requirement Audit
•  Unit Testing
•  Integration Testing
•  System Testing
•  System Integration Testing
•  User Acceptance Testing
•  Operational Readiness Testing
•  Functional Automation
•  End-to-End functional testing including requirement audit

As an independent testing services company with core focus on testing, Manthra software services ensures the quality and integrity of application features and functionality and provide an unbiased assessment of your application's functionality.

Benefits from our functional testing

•  Our competent team has domain expertise to ensure optimum level of business requirements are tested
•  Through our best practices, tools and processes we achieve high degree of accuracy in our functionality testing.
•  Our test metrics provide insight into risk areas that need more testing and development team to focus on specific    areas for improvement
•  Our consulting lead test management practices ensure smooth functioning of all aspects of testing in coordination     with project stakeholders.

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