Functional Automation Testing

Automation software testing is seen today as a strategic step and is gaining increased popularity in organizations across globe due to the fact that automation technologies are proven to improve test coverage and yield higher quality products. Other benefits from automation is running automation unattended and running on multiple computers can bring in huge savings in your testing budget. But the key to success in automating testing is to select the right Tool, Framework(s) and End-to-End Automation Process that fits your budget and suits your requirements. The right combination ensures successful automation implementation and desired ROI.

True leverage from automated tests comes from repeating a test, executing tests that were never performed manually (due to time and resource constraints), execution of tests with many combinations of data, UI testing e.g. graphics size and dimension etc.

Manthra software services, advanced approach and powerful automation methodology simplifies the overall automation and automation asset maintenance process to significantly reduce automation time thus reducing your application/product launching cycle-time.

         Manthra Software Services - Functional Automation Testing Services and Methodology

Benefits from our Functional Automation Services

•  Extensive testing coverage of your application in shorter time and saving in your budget
•  Product/Application launch as per your planned schedules
•  Make your customer happy with efficient and better application quality
•  Reuse the automation framework across other applications and replicate the automation process across    organization.

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