Engagement/Pricing Model
Manthrasoft, has worked out engagement, pricing models to fit projects of varying size and complexity. Manthrasoft client engagement model is designed to meet customer-specific needs and address it from a long term relationship perspective.

Pricing Models
Manthrasoft offers multiple pricing models to meet diverse needs of global clients. Customer can choose from any one of the generally accepted models below or a combination of them for different phases of your project. Our account manager will advice a model to address your specific needs.

Managed Services
•  Manthrasoft owns Management responsibility
•  Complete ownership of project delivery as agreed with customer
•  Resource plan is agreed up-front with flexibility to changes
•  Billing on Monthly Basis

Fixed Price Project
•  Manthrasoft owns responsibility for the following
      o Management
      o Resources plan
•  Complete ownership of project delivery as agreed with customer
•  Billing as per agreed timelines/milestones in the contract
•  Ideal where scope of work, business requirements and acceptance criteria are clear

Time and Material
•  Customer allocates works and control the schedule
•  Increase or decrease the resource based on project needs
•  Resources works at customer place as per customer timings
•  Billing on Monthly basis

Engagement Models

Monthly Resource (MRM) Model

In the Monthly Resource Model, Manthrasoft will provide resources to work from customer specified location for a agreed time frame which is normally half-yearly, yearly basis or long term basis. Customers get the benefit of scheduling the resources that best fits internal requirements.

Benefits To Customer By Working With This Model:

• Customers can leverage the expertise of the resource across single or multiple projects
• Customers have flexibility of working out resource plans with our account managers

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Project Based (PBM) Model

In the Project Based Model, Manthrasoft would utilise client facility, deploy our resources, own complete management and delivery responsibility. Ensure smooth transition of the project and project assets after every project completion. Customers have the option to engage the team into another project.

Benefits To Customer By Working With This Model:

• Testing Process and methodology expertise implemented Manthrasoft for the project can be    replicated to other projects
• Project Risk is reduced through test management and consulting expertise

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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

In the Build-Operate-Transfer Model, Manthrasoft would utilise client facility or optionally customer can opt for external facility, identify resources, train the resources, develop/customize the testing methodology and practices to fit customer requirement, execute agreed number of projects and ensure smooth transition of the entire set-up to the customer.

Benefits To Customer By Working With This Model:

• Build internal testing expertise with help of specialized testing partner
• Customer can focus on their business while testing expertise is developed and quality    improvement is addressed

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Delivery Models

Currently, we have only on-site delivery models to engage with our clients. But we are open to any customer specific requests(like off-shore or offsite) and provide arrangement that would best fits our client requirements.

Onsite Delivery Model

All our consultants will completely onsite at the client's premises. Our consultants with relevant skill will provide testing services at the client's site under the guidance of the client Project Manager. At the same time, they will also report to our offices on a weekly basis.

Your Benefits

• Ready availability of skilled resources
• Easy management of sudden increase in testing requirements
• Adequate direct control over project

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