Retail Testing

Booming mega malls, mega marts , warehouse retailers, online retails have added a new dimension to the retail landscape. Retail today is all about being better, faster and leaner. Larger retailers, with their efficiencies of scale and international presence, are pushing prices down slashing margins and putting pressure on smaller retailers. Customers on the other hand are looking at economical alternatives for the purchases mounting pressure on the retailers to reduce prices. With the ever ongoing competition in the retail market, retail industry is looking for cost effective, quality solutions to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

The fact that retail software entails some of the most complex codes, algorithms, customization to suit individual retailer needs makes testing tough. Moreover retails systems are integrated with other corporate systems like accounting, marketing, CRM, manufacturing and data warehouse solutions. This mandates strategic and completely thorough retail software testing process that is detailed and practical, leaving no room for even marginal errors in the application or allied elements.

As your software testing partner, at Manthrasoft we offer complete range of testing suitable to the retail industry.

•  Test Process Consulting•  Data Analytics Test
•  Requirement Auditing •  Exploratory Test
•  Unit Test •  UAT (User Acceptance Test)
•  Integration Test •  ORT (Operation Readiness Test)
•  System Integration Test•  Functional Automation Test
•  Application Security Test•  Performance Test

Benefits to your business

•   Business users are assured the integrated retail solution is able to meet their store & backend operations      productively
•   Able to handle the growing customer base with an optimal performance.
•   Beat competition by releasing quality applications in short timelines

For details on our retail testing service, contact us at we will respond to you in 2 working days.